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Youth empowerment lies in tapping macroeconomic opportunities

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By Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo

Given the staggering realities facing the African youth and pervasive global unemployment crisis, it is imperative for the youth to look for self-sustenance opportunities.

In an exclusive interview with The Diplomat, H.E Ambassador Mwayiwayo Polepole encouraged the youth to think outside the box.

The United Nations affirmed that having a young population brings many opportunities for economic growth and innovation, if these opportunities can be recognised and utilised.

Against this backdrop Ambassador Polepole said: “There are a lot of possibilities for the youth, they must look within existing industries and create opportunities because to some extent anything you look at gives money.  Youth have the capacity to create employment.”

Malawi is a free market economy with free trade and investment environment. Ambassador Polepole reiterated that foreign investment is encouraged in any sector of the economy and the opportunities that are ready to be tapped include agriculture, fishing and mining.

“Tourism is another area that has got vast entrepreneurial activities and driving economic growth you might recall that we have one of the longest lakes in the Great Rift Valley that is Lake Malawi,” Ambassador Polepole stated.

These opportunities are in line with the Malawi 2063 which is a long term national multi sectoral vision of Malawi for the period 2020-2063. Its main objective is to transform Malawi into a youth-centric inclusive wealthy and self-reliant industrialized upper middle-income country.

“The current government led by Lazarus Chakwera has created a conducive environment for the youth,” reiterated Ambassador Polepole.


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