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Published by Diplomat Media (Pvt) Ltd, The Diplomat is an information and knowledge hub for sustainable development and diplomacy issues. The online, digital and print publication covers Zimbabwe and Southern Africa at large.


Our prime objectives are to:

  • Provide a credible source of news, analysis and facts on sustainable development, diplomacy, and socio-economic matters.
  • Bridge the social distance between the leaders and the communities by acquainting leaders with real issues affecting people’s socio-economic development
  • Present a platform for thought, constructive discussions and sharing of world leader’s experiences.
  • Strengthen bi-lateral relations between Zimbabwe and the world at large.
  • Spotlight the contributions of the international community to the development of the country and its people.
  • Highlight and amplify the government’s development programs and initiatives
  • Showcase the richness and diversity of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa’s arts, culture and tourism
Our pledge

The Diplomat is an open forum for intelligent and inclusive discussions across issues. We are impartial and do not adhere to any ideology.

We only publish well researched, investigated, balanced and written editorial. We do not publish discriminatory material and swear words or words that may fuel hatred.

Editorial Scope

The Diplomat focusses on issues that directly or indirectly improves the social economic lives of the general populace. It features diplomacy and sustainable development initiatives by the Diplomatic missions, UN Agencies, government, business and implementing partners.

The publication is targeted at leaders, decision makers and the influential in all spheres of life. Articles are restricted to issues that retain the target readership’s interest.

Editorial Sections
Embassy Panorama
  • Embassy news briefs
  • Diplomacy – articles on good diplomacy
  • Embassy celebrations – Photo gallery and brief stories on events
  • Up and close with Mission Chiefs – Interviews and profiles of ambassadors and heads of mission
  • Behind every diplomat – interviews of diplomatic spouses
  • Look and Feel: diplomats’ reflections on their day today living in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa at large.

This is the main section of the publication focussing on issues critical to socio-economic development of our communities and the country and the region at large.

Spotlight highlights, amplify, and document the work being undertaken in the development sphere. We also look at communities’ success stories and limitations and how support from development partners have impacted on the lives of ordinary people.

Spotlight features editorial on: gender equity and equality; poverty alleviation; food security; health and well-being; education; clean energy; water and sanitation; decent work; economic growth; industry innovation and infrastructure; sustainable cities and communities; responsible production and consumption; peace justice and strong institutions; humanitarian aid and migrants and refuges.

Diplomat interface

One on one interviews with ambassadors, representatives of development agencies and funding partners, heads of international organisation and NGOs and Zimbabwe’s ambassadors across the world.

Diplomat report

In depth features on socio-economic, sustainable development and international relations matters. This also includes opinion and analysis articles.

Trade and bilateral relations

Focus on Zimbabwe’s bilateral relations with other countries

People and Earth

Climate action and environment articles

 Business and Investment
  • Business and investment features
  • Business news in brief
Travel and Tourism

Travel News, Travelogues, Travel Destinations, National Parks focus and Hotel Reviews

Arts and Culture

Arts Buzz – Briefs, Interviews and Profiles and Reviews

Lifestyle: A look at science and tech promoting sustainable living.

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