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Established in September 2009, Diplomat is the magazine for diplomats, decision-makers, and the influential. It is available online, digital, and in print. The print edition is published quarterly.

 Our Market

The magazine is targeted at the Diplomatic community; UN Missions; Government; Inter-Governmental Organisations; Civic Society; Captains of industry; NGOs; Universities and all professionals.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a reliable source of information, knowledge, and in turn wisdom for leaders in all spheres of life and inspire socio-economic development of the generality of the people.


  • Present a platform for thought, constructive discussions, and sharing of world leaders’ experiences.
  • Strengthen bilateral relations between Southern African countries and the world at large.
  • Celebrate and showcase the contributions of the international community to the development of Africa and its people.
  • Bridge the social distance between the leaders and the communities by acquainting them with real issues affecting people’s socio-economic development
  • Showcase the richness and diversity of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa’s arts, culture, tourism, natural resources, sports, and business opportunities.
  • Provide a complete shop of products and services for the affluent and influential.

 Our pledge

Diplomat is an open forum for intelligent and inclusive discussions across issues. We are impartial and do not adhere to any ideology.

We only publish well-researched, investigated, balanced, and written editorials. We do not publish discriminatory articles and swear words or words that may fuel hatred.

Editorial Scope

Diplomat magazine prides itself in its quality, well-researched, written, and balanced editorial. The publication’s main sections are Diplomat viewpoint; Embassy Panorama; Trade and Investment; Travel and Tourism; Arts and Culture; Environment and Lifestyle.

 Print-run and readership

5000 copies of the magazine are printed monthly. Our estimated readership is five people per copy.


The magazine is available online, in print, and digital. Complimentary copies of the printed edition are sent every quarter directly to:

  • Ambassadors and embassy staff at over 250 Embassies in Southern Africa and parts of East Africa
  • Directors and senior executives at top companies.
  • Heads and employees of UN missions in the region.
  • Heads of the Donor community and implementing partners.
  • Directors and senior staff of NGOs and IGOs.
  • Ministers, permanent secretaries, and directors of all government ministries.
  • Leading hotels and restaurants

The magazine is also distributed in the region by Magazine distributors. It is available in leading supermarkets and bookstores

 Magazine Technical Specifications

The online edition has been configured for both computers and mobile devices whilst the print edition is custom size 210 x 280mm. It is printed full color on Gloss Art paper with soft laminated covers and is perfect bound. The ratio of editorial to adverts is 60:40.


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The Diplomat Business Networking Club connects diplomats, business executives, policy makers, officials, civil society, private sector, media, and stakeholders.

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