Capacity building, celebrating 40 years of Zenzele

Capacity building, celebrating 40 years of Zenzele
February 23 15:39 2022
By Gamuchirai Tsokota

Organization of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) calls for the championship of self- capacity building as opposed to giving handouts to those in poverty.

The organization established in 1981 and guided by the philosophy of Zenzele (do it yourself)  aims at building self -reliant communities that are resilient and free from hunger and poverty.

“We don’t want to promote dependency syndrome by giving food handouts. Although we do give out food, we only do it for relief programs during drought periods but at the same time we try to make sure that there is an element of capacity building so that the communities become self-reliant”

“We want people to break away from poverty, but if we continue to give handouts without coming up with initiatives that will help eradicate poverty and capacitate them, we are condemning them further into poverty’” said Tapson Dube monitoring and evaluation officer for ORAP.

The philosophy of Zenzele, is guided by seven ‘Z’ and a Q. Namely Zihluze (Examine yourself), Ziqoqe (mobilise yourself), Zimisele (commit yourself), Zenzele (Do it yourself) ,Ziqhatshe (employ yourself), Zimele (be self-reliant), Ziqhenye  ( be  proud of yourself) and Qogelela (save and invest).

One of the many programs being run by ORAP is Amalima loko.

“Currently we are implementing the Amalima Loko which is a USAID funded project that is operational in Lupane, Nkayi, Binga and Hwange.  It is focusing on watershed management for food security and we are in a consortium with four other organizations. The program is a continuation of a program that we ran 7 years ago in Matebeleland south called Amalia, now it is focusing on Matabeleland North,” alluded Dube.

On membership Dube said they are in the process of revitalizing their membership in the four provinces of Matebeleland North, Bulawayo, Matebeleland South and Midlands. Currently ORAP have 20 000 members with a target of one million in the next few years.”

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