China Report: A Golden Time for China-uk Relations

China Report: A Golden Time for China-uk Relations
February 07 16:35 2018

Prime Minister David Cameron referred to 2015 as the ‘Golden Year’ for relations between China and the UK. He later went on to envision a ‘Golden Time’ for China-UK relations in the coming five years. This coincides with China’s vision, and has gradually become a consensus between Chinese and UK leaders, who have agreed to jointly initiate a ‘Golden Time’ for China-UK relations.

In October, at the invitation of Her Majesty The Queen, President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to the UK. This will be the first state visit by a Chinese President in ten years. The historic significance of this visit cannot be overstated. It is expected to mark a new milestone for the China-UK relationship.

The ‘Golden Time’ is dawning but it has not come overnight. It is, rather, a result of tireless work in building political trust, economic cooperation, cultural partnership and coordination on global issues.

High-level, intensive interaction and in-depth dialogues have set the tone for the China-UK relationship.

Over the past decade, visits and exchanges between the UK and China’s leaders have been frequent and institutionalised, including five rounds of annual prime ministers’ meetings. These have provided important guidance to China-UK exchanges and cooperation in various fields.

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