Monthly Breakfast Meetings

The Diplomat magazine and Diplomat Business Networking Club host monthly breakfast meetings spotlighting different countries or UN entities. 

The meetings present a unique platform for decision-makers and influential members of society to share knowledge and experiences, discover opportunities, and cement collaborations. They are high-profile events with strong networking power, interesting topics, and B2B connections for our members.

Open Walls Embassy Day

This is an annual international exhibition where all embassies and UN Agencies in Zimbabwe exhibit and interact with Zimbabweans outside embassy walls. Open Walls Embassy Day provides guests with a tour of the world without jetlag.

The various embassies assist with information on education, employment, travel, and investment. They also showcase their culture and tradition through cuisines, music, fine art, and dance 

The event is held annually during the first week of April. Build up to the event is the Global Agenda discussions which start on a Wednesday and end on Friday. Exhibitions take place on Saturday from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm and the music concert closes the event from 5.30 to 7.30 pm.

Diplomat Charity Ball

The Diplomat Business Networking Club in partnership with The Diplomat, host the annual Diplomat Charity Ball. The event held during the second week of December is the end-of-year party for the Diplomatic community and development agencies.

The Diplomat Charity Ball is the Club’s biggest charity fundraising initiative. Proceeds from the Charity Ball benefit five charities selected by the Club each year. 

The ball presents enormous networking opportunities It is attended by members of the diplomatic corps, diplomatic spouses, expatriates, representatives of United Nations missions, donor communities, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, government representatives, and the corporate world.

It starts with a welcome cocktail, then dinner, dancing competitions, silent auctions, raffles, and a number of entertainment activities. The Charity Ball is held annually on the 2nd Friday of December. 

WeCan Marathon and Healthy Lifestyle Fair

Each and every country have its challenges, each and every family have its aspirations, and each and every one of us is a dreamer! Let’s inspire each other to make a change in our lives, let’s motivate each other to live our dreams, and let’s hold each other’s hand to the crossline. Yes, we can. That’s all WeCan Marathon and Healthy Lifestyle Fair is all about, making this world a better place.

The international event features a full marathon, fun run, and healthy lifestyle expo.