South African music legend Dan Tshanda dies

South African music legend Dan Tshanda dies
January 05 19:52 2019
Popular South African music legend Dan Tshanda, has died. According to family spokesperson, Moudy Mudzielwana,  Tshanda suffered a heart failure earlier today and was rushed to Sandton Mediclinic where he was pronounced dead.

Dan Tshanda is the founder of Splash, Dalom Kids and Matshikosi. His label Dalom music also produced Patricia Majalisa and Peacock. His popularity spread to other Southern African countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

Born in Chiawelo, Soweto, Dan Tshanda’s music career started with the formation of his on band, Flying Squad, in 1985. Ray Phiri of Stimela was impressed with the band and wanted them to be his support act, suggested to them to change their name to Splash. They soon hit the big time, released classic albums such as ‘Peacock’ (1986), ‘Snake’ (1987) ‘Money’ (1988) and ‘Tshokotshoko’ (1989).

‘The Hit Machine’ didn’t stop, continuing to release Splash albums annually for much of the 1990s, including ‘Eye For An Eye’ (1990), ‘Why’ (1994), ‘Cellular’ (1995), and ‘Double Face’ (1997). In the late 90s he left Gallo, releasing ‘Crocodile’ (1998) with Bula Records before launching his own label, Dalom Music.

Almost all the albums he has produced have gone gold or platinum. He is known internationally and has worked with global star Peter Gabriel. He has sold more than a million records, sustaining his career for almost 30 years. Additional info courteous

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