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The Diplomat is an information and knowledge hub for sustainable development and diplomacy issues. The publication covers Zimbabe and Southern Africa at large.

We are a news and investigative journalism platform. We value our editorial and don’t scratch on the surface. We go deeper.

The Diplomat only accepts well researched, investigated, balanced, written and relevant previously unpublished articles.

The editor ultimately decides on the content of our platforms and reserves the right to reject any submission or edit for length, content and style,

Number of Words: Short articles are preferred; they should be between 350 and 550 words. Feature and opinion articles should not exceed 1000 words.

Copyright: In general, we do not accept articles, photographs and videos that have been previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere. Articles, photographs and videos must be original or the writer must have full rights for.

Photographs and Videos: Only photographs and videos supporting or illustrating a submitted story will be considered. Preference will be given to stories with short video clips (30sec to 1minute)


The Diplomat believes in a simplified direct style, minimising technical jargon and all abbreviations on the first reference. Use the simplest word that makes the point.

The publication uses British English thus we use neighbour, colour, utilise instead of neighbor, color and utilize. Do not use over used and vague adjectives.

Articles must have depth and fact checked. Do not base on Google and Wikipedia only they are only a part of research platforms.

Ambassadors are addressed as H.E Ambassador – – (mentioning the full name) on the first reference only and without Mr/Miss/Mrs. Thereafter they are addressed as Ambassador – (just the title Ambassador and Surname).

Similarly Heads of State and Government are addressed as H.E President – – (mentioning the first name and surname or Right Honourable Prime Minister – – (mentioning the name and surname) in the first reference. Thereafter it will be president – or prime minister – (just the title and the surname. However, captions should include full titles.

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