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India marks 73rd Republic Day

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The Indian embassy to Zimbabwe recently held commemorations to mark their country’s 73rd republic day. The celebrations held in Harare and Bulawayo were attended by government officials, diplomats, captains of industry and Indians resident in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to the Diplomat on the importance of the Republican Day, Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Vijay Khanduja said, “It is a day when India gave itself a written Constitution in the year 1950, after country’s Independence in the year 1947. It is a day to celebrate the establishment of India as a free and democratic country. It is also a day of thanks giving for all the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. We also acknowledge the hard work of the Founding Fathers of the country, the fruits of which we are enjoying to this day.”

Ambassador Khanduja said the day also served to reflect on their country’s achievements.

“When we celebrate the National Day, we also take stock of the achievements in the preceding year and also give vision of where we want to be in the future,” he said

A number of programs to celebrate the anniversary were lined up at the embassy in partnership with the friends of India in Zimbabwe.

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